Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Jennifer, where are you?

You know, sometimes it’s so hard to choose just one song, one that you truly adore over all the others, since everybody has plenty of wonderful songs inside, that are ready to be loaded in memory when the situation do require it…
Songs are, sometimes, such incredible concentrations of beauty, all packed in a easy-to-deal-with form, that it’s difficult for me to think of a more easy way to reconnect with beauty, different from reloading a song on my mind.

Here I want to come back to an old songs by Eurythmics, JenniferIt’s a song that – after all these years (it dates back to 1983) – still fascinates me for the interplay of the voice of Annie Lennox (so sweet!) and the rich and complex electronic tapestry – almost hypnotical in a certain way.
Oh, and it features a precious sense of wonder, in its lyrics. Truly a gorgeous piece.

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