Monday, 3 February 2014

FeedLine (a fresh start)

I know, I know… This blog has been wandering in cyberspace, lately. It started under Blogspot, than I’ll move it to (inside a WordPress installation) and now we’re here, into ecosystem. I’ll try to see how if this can help to reach more readers, and I’ll take advantage also for experimenting a little more with and its social features.

Overhall, a great occasion for a fresh start.

The original name of the blog was patch panel, but it resulted already taken in, so I was forced to change. After a bit of reflection and (mainly) with a little help of a friend of mine, I chose this name, FeedLine. I like it since, as the previous one, it evokes a sense of connection. As I wrote some years ago (let me quote myself)

connections between words, between concepts, or even, between different branches of knowledge.

I realize that I missed the most important things… connection between people, and between people and their hearts.

One of the most venerable “transmission line” …

Quoting Wikipedia,

In a radio antenna, the feed line is the cable or other transmission line that connects the antenna with the radio transmitter or receiver. In a transmitting antenna, it feeds the radio frequency (RF) current from the transmitter to the antenna, where it is radiated as radio waves. In a receiving antenna it transfers the tiny RF voltage induced in the antenna by the radio wave to the receiver. In order to carry RF current efficiently, feed lines are made of specialized types of cable called transmission line…

So, here we are. Connection established. All checked. Everything is up and working. Antenna is now linked with the receiver.

We can start (again) to transmit. Stay tuned… 😉

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