Friday, 27 April 2012

Jogging can be complicated...

A couple of days ago, I went for a jog in the park .

This simple action, actually, made me reflect on the amount of technology that we carry with us every moment of our lifes - even for a simple jog! I go out with my Xperia Ray and earphones, to listen to some music while I struggle. As a matter of fact, I also use a certain number of android apps, during my brief run. Just for fun, I decided to make a list of them :)

Actually, I was a bit more dressed...

I listen to the music taking advantage (obviously) from the built-in player of Android. Meanwhile, I trace my path and the parameters of the training with Endomondo. Sometime I stop to rest a while, and also to snap a few photos of the beautiful landscape (Instagram,LightBox). I also do not forget to make my check in with Foursquare. In passing, almost all of these things can interact with my Facebook profile and the Twitter timeline, of course.

The GPS is also widely used in my run, for applications such as Endomondo (which gives me a nice and detailed report of my effort, along with associated statistics on speed and time...), Instagram (for geolocation of photos) and of course Foursquare (even if, it can work rather fine without it).

Well, I'm pretty sure that there were times when jogging was much simpler... :)