Wednesday, 18 August 2010

obiect oriented... or not?

Oh! I'm so happy to have found someone who speacks loud the same doubts that I still have, after many months spent trying to obtain an "object oriented way of thinking".

Admittedly, I have grown up with Basic and Fortran, but I still can't fully understand what it's written in every Java book I stumbled upon, i.e, the object oriented way of thinking should be more "natural"..

... mmmm, sure??

Amplify’d from
A programmer’s discussion: procedural vs. OO
"Here is my simplified position, I find OOP harder to read, harder to maintain, and harder to use. PP seems so intuitive and straight forward. I find most PP code I can read and understand with very little in the way of comments or documentation, the code is the code you can see what it is doing (it is mostly self documenting). In OOP I find that I am constantly trying to figure out what it is doing, it seems more... nebulous. I normally have to jump around more; it is not like PP where you are mostly reading top down.