Friday, 30 July 2010

Why Android? Because it's open!

While surfing on the net to gain information about the operating system of my brand new device HTC WildFire, I stumbled upon these statement, that boosts my "open source" sensibility... "no player can restrict or control the innovation of any other"... Sounds good, doesn't it? ;)
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"We wanted to make sure that there was no central point of failure, so that no industry player can restrict or control the innovations of any other. That's why we created Android, and made its source code open."
Android Mascot

Welcome to Android


Linux Mint 9 KDE

Linux Mint is surely one of the most interesting distribution for an average desktop user. It's surely user friendly and multimedia oriented (media codecs are included so you can play music and consume other media "out of the box"). Welcome Isadora ! ;-)

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"The Linux Mint development team have issued the KDE Edition of version 9 of their Ubuntu-based Linux distribution, code named "Isadora". Linux Mint aims to be user friendly and to provide a more complete out-of-the-box experience by including support for DVD playback, Java, and various plug-ins and media codecs..."

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Really high mass star ...

I really prefer low mass stars.. in which they can shine for a much longer time! (Image credits: ESO)

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A 300 Solar Mass Star Uncovered

Using a combination of instruments on ESO’s Very Large Telescope, astronomers have discovered the most massive stars to date, one weighing at birth more than 300 times the mass of the Sun, or twice as much as the currently accepted limit of 150 solar masses. The existence of these monsters — millions of times more luminous than the Sun, losing weight through very powerful winds — may provide an answer to the question “how massive can stars be?”


Sunday, 18 July 2010


Excellent little program, no doubt! What they has forgotten to say, in my humble opinion, is that it is also an interesting background generator; what I'm using now on my Amplify account is exactly a graphical representation of part of my hard disk ;)

GrandPerspective is a small utility application for Mac OS X that graphically shows the disk usage within a file system. It can help you to manage your disk, as you can easily spot which files and folders take up the most space. It uses a so called tree map for visualisation. Each file is shown as a rectangle with an area proportional to the file's size. Files in the same folder appear together, but their placement is otherwise arbitrary.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Tips for bloggers

Brief but interesting article for those who blogs but have to deal with many activities... sometimes, it's good to return to the core: blogging is about writing (possibly good) blog posts, first of all. Simply like that ! ;)

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4 Tips To Help You Stay Focused on Your Blog

Most people who blog also have a full time job or occupation (i.e., school), not to mention other personal activities (e.g., friends and family), so balancing everything can become tricky indeed.

If you don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to your blog, focus on the core activities only. The main one is writing content. If you only have time for one task, use it to write content. If in one day you happen to have some extra time, use it to promote your best posts.


Friday, 16 July 2010

What I like in Amplify

After just a couple of days,  it seems reasons are forming in my mind  why I think that Amplify is not "just" another social network, but it seems to show a good appealing (at least, to me)...

Here is my first thought...

  • the possibility of web site clipping & posting is great. Better than Buzz or Friendfeed
  • I like the "recommend" button. Easy and fast way to show appreciation of a post
  • I like the threaded replies (much better than "flat" replies as in FriendFeed or Qaiku). has also threaded replies but the strong limit in the length can heavily hamper the conversations
  • I like the fact that blog & microblog are kept together, the user can choose the right format for each post
  • I also appreciate than micropost are not limited to the too much abused 140 chars max. 500 is far better, IMHO; I'm tired of very short post ;)
  • Connection to other services is also a good thing. Just hope Amplify staff can add in a near future ...

(more to come...)