Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Lucid moves to Yahoo! as Firefox search provider

I'm not sure if it's already well known, in the community of Ubuntu lowers. Anyway, I just discovered it today: namely, the Firefox default page in the next release of Ubuntu (10.04, code name "Lucid Lynx") is already online, and it features a search box that it's not more provided by Google, but instead by Yahoo!

Here is the screenshot of the Firefox default start page in the current Ubuntu release:

If you open Firefox in  a brand new Ubuntu 9.04, here is what you get...

To switch to the page of the next Ubuntu, you simply have to change the following URL:

to this easily guessed URL:

and you'll be greeted with the following webpage:

Next Ubuntu default Firefox page...

Update: I've found the post that talks about the change of default search provider, on the Ubuntu developers list. I easily stumbled upon the page after a quick Google search.. can't help but notice that Google is (still) my friend ...;)