Friday, 19 March 2010

Amarok "Clear Light" released

Amarok is definitely a great player for linux. This wonderful software just reached version 2.3.0, code-named Clear Light (which, being a fan of Mike Oldfield, makes me immediately think of this music, like Amarok that obviously makes me think of this wonderful disc. ..).

Anyway, at the risk of alienating a good portion of my (limited) audience, I'd venture to say (also following a commentary that appear belows the video presentation on Youtube) that Amarok is perhaps not yet at the level of competing on equal terms with well known player for other operating systems such as iTunes.

That said, it also worth to say that it is still a complete and rather powerful software: certainly for KDE users it represents  a great and rewarding choice, that can contribute greatly in making the desktop environment more comfortable, also in terms of management of a user's collection of audio files (as well as Internet radio and podcasts, which in passing is a recently reinforced section)

The video itself is quite pretty and the accompaining music is itself really enjoyable .. which is surely a good think, for a multimedia player presentation! ;-)