Friday, 25 September 2009

Wallpaper selection for the upcoming Ubuntu

Nifty Fifty Blur
Inserito originariamente da orb9220
Linux is about choice, indeed.. and what better of getting the possibility to choice a pleasant wallpaper for your Ubuntu box?

And what if the images you find already included in your brand new Ubuntu have been choosen in a context which involved a lot of passionate users (and photographers), via a submission in a Flickr group?

As reported in the Kenneth Wimer blog, "the results of the flickr submissions is simply amazing. 639 members submitted 2001 photos. Selecting the images to include in Karmic was a big task, and if there were more free space on the disk, I would add more....".

Isn't it great to see that a linux distribution is a product really built upon the free contributions of many, many people? :-)