Sunday, 20 September 2009

The very first bug in Ubuntu... the most critical?

A few days ago, just to do something, I wandered on putting my nose in the Ubuntu bug: it always gives me a good feeling to see how the faults are not hidden but rather exposed and solved with the help of the community ... one thing I like about Linux, absolutely.

Another possible consideration revolves around the complexity of the modern operating systems ... a complexity that is reflected in the large number of bugs (though of different sizes: admittedly many of them are not "critical"): for example, the quoted bugs page in Ubuntu lists more than sixty-five thousand bugs... and I have no reason to believe that other systems like Windows or Mac OS X may have a different story. At most - perhaps, as a matter of fact, I have not investigated - bugs will be less visible ...
But the thing that turned out to be really funny (to me and my son Andrea, who had come to see what I was doing early in the morning) happened when we searched for the very first bug in Ubuntu: here is what we have found ... (in passing, have I already said that I love linux for its playfulness?)

Bug # 1 in Ubuntu: "Microsoft has a market share Majority"
Majority Microsoft has a market share in the new desktop PC marketplace. This is a bug, Which Ubuntu is designed to fix ....

I'd suggest you to take time to read carefully the specifications of this annoying bug., which include the details of how to reproduce the bug ( "Visit a local PC shop..."), what happens ("note that the majority of PCs for sale have software 'not free' preprogrammed ") and so on ...

One might ask who submitted the bug .. ah, a certain Mark Shuttleworth ..

I do not know if the name tells you something ...:-)