Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Google names Chrome OS partners

The reactions from the Linux crowd were mostly positive. Sometimes, however, they seemed to show the same nervous optimism that my dog gets when he sits panting and grinning by the door, wondering if he's going to be invited on the car trip.

Interesting article on Google OS and the various reaction...

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How We Know Chrome OS Will Be A Hit: Steve Ballmer Doesn’t Think So

There are a lot of questions out there about Google’s new Chrome OS. Since little is actually known about it, the most interesting questions right now tend to be about Google’s overall strategy in making a new OS. And if such a strategy will actually work. We tend to think it will, and that belief got a huge boost in the arm today as Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has finally come out and mocked the idea.

Admittedly, a bit facetious, but it's nevertheless an interesting and pleasant reading..

So, if you was wondering if the new operating system from Google is going to have a bright future, or conversely if it's only a bad move, now you finally have a way to make up your mind ;-)

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Monday, 13 July 2009

Posterous vs. Tumblr: A Head to Head

Interesting article focused on a detailed comparison between the two mini-blog services Tumblr and Posterous: topics covered are Posting Option, Customization, Community, Integration, Extras and Goodies and also The Celebrity Factor. Of course, the concluding section is "And the Winner is..." (guess who..!)

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